Le Roman de Jeanne d'Arc (The Romance of Joan of Arc)


Christine de Pizan’s Song of Joan of Arc was written in 1429, at the height of Joan’s heroism, one year before her capture and two years before her execution. Christine, who also famously authored the Book of the City of Ladies, also passed away around this time. By staging this text alongside French music from the period, we strive to depict the virtues and pitfalls of Joan’s many complicated loves: of self, of King, and of country.

WHEN: Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 8:00pm

WHERE: UCLA Powell Library Rotunda


(Donations kindly accepted)

FEATURING: Corryn Cummins (actor), Amy K. Harmon (actor), Marisa De Silva (voice), Rachelle Romero (voice & harp), Katherine Trimble (voice), Aki Nishigushi (recorder), Marylin Winkle (vielle), Erin Young (lute)